Personal security is one of the most valuable investments for yourself, your family, and your business.

Preserving Security in Any Environment for Your Peace of Mind

David R. Marks International provides personal protection, private investigations and consulting services for a wide range of clientele in the US and abroad. These include celebrities, VIPs and their families, high-level executives, and diplomats. You can also trust us to deploy top-caliber security personnel for special events as well as corporations and commercial establishments.

Executive/Close Protection Specialist and Private Investigator

Our company maintains the highest confidential and ethical standards since 1974. We offer a successful provision of highly specialized personal protection for corporations and organizations designed to eliminate security and liability risks on a domestic and international scale. By furnishing personal protection for clients and their families, we thereby preserve a safe and secure environment so they can pursue their activities in a free and unencumbered manner.



Jessica L.

“...David served as both Director of Security as well as the Personal Bodyguard for the CEO. He was also responsible for security, in its entirety, at numerous social functions & celebrity VIP parties at the CEO's estate, as well as many entertainment projects nationwide.
...David Marks is a "Class Act" & I would highly recommend David for any position that requires above average personal protection in a corporate or private setting.”

Jan T.


“The past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic but I did not want to let any more time go by without extending my sincerest thanks to you & your team. The service you provided helped everyone survive the ordeal and made it possible to get every last patient, staff member, family & pet safely evacuated from our hospital. I think that our evacuation (as chaotic as it seemed at the time) was the most successful in the city. I owe much of that credit to you & your team. Thanks so very much.”

Aimee S.,

Education Coordinator

“Hey, guys! It's Aimee from Kindred. I just wanted to thank you all on behalf of our hospitals in Houston & New Orleans for your work in getting everyone safely here. We truly appreciate your hard work & dedication. Tell the group hello & thank you all! (my jeep doesn't even smell bad either)!!! 🙂
Thanks Again”

Monica O.

"...recommendation for David Marks, who works as a Personal Bodyguard for the CEO of a prominent entertainment company.
...David provides travel security, personal protection, limousine service, private jets and/ or whatever is needed to fulfill the needs of a demanding CEO.
...I can always rely on his honesty & dedication.
I would highly recommend David Marks both personally & professionally to any individual where security, and/ or personal protection are needed."


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For your convenience, our services are available for both short and long-term assignments. If you would like to learn more about our full spectrum of security solutions or wish to hire our expert team, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.


Personal security is one of the most valuable investments for yourself, your family and your business.